by Theresa Gysczok & Florian Maubach

5 Min. / Stop Motion / 2015

In „Trapped“ we follow a man on traveling through several different rooms. There, he meets their inhabitants who, due to their originalities and quirks, hinder him from getting any further. Eventually the protagonist finds his own way to continue on his journey.


„Trapped“ is the first Stop Motion film by Theresa Grysczok and Florian Maubach. They met at the Animation Department at the University of Art and Design Kassel. They worked on several short Projects before. In 2013 they decided to work together on a short film.


The film is an oberservation on the behaviour of the main characters. Do they use their strengths for their own purposes, or do they use them for the benefit of others. And how long are they capable to compensate selffish behaviour.


The Soundtrack for „Trapped“ was made by members of the Kasseler band TAL, Florian Biermeier, Frank Prager and Tobias Zarges. To create a unique sound for the fim, they used materials, like clay and silicione, that where used on the filmset.

The Sounddesign of Christian Wittmoser and Tobias Böhm connects the picture, the movement of the puppets and the music, through partly subliminal surroundings and giving all parts of the film, the necessary weight.




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Script, Direction, Animation:











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Theresa Grysczok

Florian Maubach

Florian Maubach

Monika Kostrzewa

Rene Roggé

Holger Jenss

Christian Wittmoser

Tobias Böhm bvft

Florian Biermeier

Frank Prager

Tobias Zarges

Anky Brandt


Libelula 2015

Stop Trik Festival 2015

Kasseler Dokfest 2015

Hessischer Hochschulfilmtag 2015

Hessen Talents 2016

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Theresa Grysczok

Florian Maubach

Florian Maubach was born in March 1989 in Hamburg. Since 2009 he studies Animation at the Kunsthochschule Kassel in Germany. In the last years he produced severeal Short Films, which where shown on many international Festivals.

Theresa Grysczok was born in 1988 in Erfurt, but she grew up in a small village in the green heart of Germany. She began early to draw, sculpture and made collages from photographs.


After graduation from school in 2009 and first experiences with puppetanimation, she started studying at the School for Arts and Design in Kassel in 2010. There, she participates as an animator, set- and costumedesigner in several animation film projects, shortfilms and performances. She focuses on models, patterns and deviation.