by Alma W. Bär

2 Min. / 2D / 2015

Sometimes, the own body is like an alien. It bubbles and pumps and growls and works, and you can not control or even cromprehend all of it. Alone with yourself the own organs become weird...


Script, Direction, Animation

Sound & Music:


Alma W. Bär




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Alma W. Bär


Alma W. Bär (now a bit older than on the picture, but not that much different) is an animator, illustrator and musician. She was born in 1992 in Halle/Saale and grew up (mostly) in Weimar.


There she passed her Abitur (A Level) in 2010. After this she did internships at the School of Arts in Weimar and at the Agency "Glücklicher Montag" in Leipzig. Since 2011 she is studying Visual Communication with the focus on film animation in Kassel. In between she took part in two film productions of the director Katrin Rothe in Berlin as animator and background designer ‒ "Wild West im Thälmannpark" in 2014 and "Der wahre Oktober" (AT) in summer 2015. She also plays drums in the riot grrl-grunge-band The Shna.