Sticky Frames is a group of award-winning animation students and young professionals located in Kassel/Germany. Our expertise is ranging from traditional, hand drawn and stop motion animation to computer animation and VFX. Take a look at our reels and enjoy!


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Sticky Frames?! What’s that?


Images that stick to one another, that diverge and converge. Images that stick to your memory like a piece of gum to your shoe.


But “sticky” means more than that. Stickiness can be tough and relentless, persevering and enduring. These adjectives describe the young animation artists of this collective. Blood, sweat, and tears—this is the glue that binds them together.


The Sticky Frames artists came to Kassel, the center of the German armaments industry, not to build tanks, but to give birth to ideas. The only thing they blow up is your mind. So far none of them has received the prize named after the inventor of another explosive, dynamite, but the list of their awards and festival invitations is long.


To animate signifies “to bring life to.” Sticky Frames animates not only the materials with which they work (clay, paper, etc.), but also their audience. They throw new light and new colors on things that might seem trivial at first glance—the life of garbage collectors or horses.


Wherever the Sticky Frames tour of short films stops, something starts moving, something gets off the ground. But the movement of their audiences is an interior one. They are glued to their chairs.