Sticky Frames?! What’s that?

Images that stick to one another, that diverge and converge. Images that stick to your memory like a piece of gum to your shoe.


But “sticky” means more than that: Stickiness can be tough and relentless, persevering and enduring. These adjectives describe the young animation artists of this collective. There are seven of them: Ines Christine Geißer, Kirsten Carina Geißer, Evgenia Gostrer, Theresa Grysczok, Florian Maubach, Lina Walde and Alma W.Bär.


The Sticky Frames artists affect Kassel, as a meeting point in the middle of Germany and a birthplace to ideas that reflect, recreate and touch their environment. The festival invitations and awards the artists received are many. Also the list of cities and countries, they went to, to expand their network and collect new stories, that should be told.


In their work they throw light and colors on situations that might seem trivial at first glance, but which will change your perspective about them - like the relation between a cat and a garbageman or the search for happiness out of the perspective of horses.


Wherever the Sticky Frames tour of short films stops, something starts moving, something gets off the ground. But the movement of their audiences is an interior one: They’ll be glued to their chairs.


Text: Tobi Sauer





Sticky Frames conquer the the german capital



LUCKY Online Premiere Trailer

Sticky Frames & Friends @ Flimmerzimmer Berlin

Sticky frames @ Friedns are a guest at Flimmerzimmer Berlin (Hermann Schulz Bar) and presenting a current selection of their short films.


Some filmmakers are present for a Q&A.

All films in OV with Subtitles.


Admission: 5,- €. For pupils, students or Berlin Pass 3.- €.

You can buy tickets at the entry.




Sticky Frames & Friends @ OFFKINO Bielefeld

Sticky Frames Selektion 2016 @ Bali Kino Kassel

On February 25th Sticky Frames members Alma, Ines Christine, Florian and Theresa presented our programme at Off-Kino in Bielefeld. Since 2010 this cinema presents curated feature films and short film programmes at the Filmhaus. We started our evening due to our tradition with fries at a diner next to the theatre.


At 8 p.m. we opened the doors for the audience and started the programme at 8:30 p.m., - nearly all seats were taken. The program consisted of new films as „Coma - the sea“, a musicvideo by Florian Maubach and Nils Knoblich and „Leerstelle“ by Urte Zintler. Christiane Gernsheimer, who lives and works in Bielefeld, presented „Dying in the Garden“, a cut-out animation conducted to a piece of pop music. And also Lina Walde, the newest Sticky Frames member, showed her graduation film „Anyu“ at her hometown.


An inspiring discussion about animated films and their relevance and visibility opened up after the screening - which reassured us to continue our tour! Thanks for having us, it was a great evening!


2016, a year with some great Festivalsexperiences, Awards and Sticky Frames Screenings in Munich, Hamburg, is ending with our Sticky Frames Selektion 2016. Thanks to the audience and all the filmmakers, our Friends, who shared there films with us.


This years Sticky Friends:

Nadja Andrasev, Daniel von Bothmer, Anna Budanova ,Florian Grolig, Christine Gensheimer, Sander Joon, Nils Knoblich, Chintis Lundgren, Nikhil Markale, Noémie Marsily, Anete Melece, Eeva Ojanperä, Carl Roosens, Daniel Sterlin-Altman, Dina Velikovskaya, Lina Walde, Urte Zintler,


We have some new plans for 2017, including continuing our Screenings in places like Gent, Bielefeld, London, Berlin.


Stay sticky.




Sticky Frames Selektion @ Deutscher Kurzfilmtag 2016

Sticky Frames & Friends on Tour @ GOLEM

On November 5th we Sticky Frames came into shining port of Hamburg city. We could host about 30 visitors in the downstairs cinema of Golem – a bar, an open stage, a club, all at the same time. Every seat was taken – what a great success! The audience had been enjoying our show so much that we even received some DVD-pre-orders. We loved being in Hamburg and promise to land again, next time in a bigger cinema!

Ein von dem Filmemacher/innen Kollektiv "Sticky Frames" kuratiertes internationales Trickfilmprogramm. Die gezeigten Filme sind eine Mischung aus aktuell auf Festivals gezeigten und größten Teils preisgekrönten Trickfilmen und ganz neuen Filmen der Kollektivmitglieder/innen. Einige der Filmemacher/innen werden anwesend sein.


Lasst uns den kürzesten Tag des Jahres noch kurzweiliger machen!


max. 90 minütiges Kurzfilmprogramm mit Moderation und anschließendem Umtrunk im BALi Foyer.

Ein detailliertes Programm und mehr Infos folgen in kürze.


Die Veranstaltung findet in Kooperation mit der BALi-Kinos GmbH statt.



regulär: 7,00 €

ermäßigt: 6,50 €


BALi-Kinos, großes BALi

im KulturBahnhof Kassel

Rainer Dierichs Platz 1

34117 Kassel

Tel. 05 61-71 05 50


Der bundesweite KURZFILMTAG findet seit 2012 statt und wird von der AG Kurzfilm - Bundesverband Deutscher Kurzfilm koordiniert.

unsere Veranstaltung:




Walt Disney Award @ OIAF 2016

Sticky Frames & Friends on Tour @ Salon Irkutsk

...and the Walt Disney Animation Award for Best Graduation Animation @ Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) goes to: Evgenia Gostrer and her short "Frankfurterstr. 99a"


Jury statement:

„Subtle but very beautiful. Surprising narrative and emotional impact was achieved by minimalist technique … a touching story about everyday life of a member of society that is often invisible.“



You can watch the trailer for „Frankfurter Str.99a“ here:


On August 1st Sticky Frames started their tour. Our first tour stop was Munich, the green Bavarian capital. Our friends from Salon Irkutsk offered us a beautiful cosy location, which was packed by the beginning of the screening. Despite of the warm summer evening over 60 visitors could find a place in the russian-bavarian bar and stayed after the show for more drinks and discussions with the film makers. It was a great pleasure and a wonderful opportunity - thank you Salon Irkutsk, we will come back with a new program of animated short films!







LUCKY @ "German Short Films 2016 "catalogue

Hessen Talents @ Berlinale

Theresa Grysczok and Florian Maubach presented their puppetanimation "Trapped" within the European Film Market. The screening was organized by hessische Film- und Medienakademie (hFMA) and took place @ CinemaxX 12 on February 17.


There’s an interview with the talents on youtube.


















You can rent „Trapped“ here:


„LUCKY“ is number 53 of a 100 shorts in the "German Short Films 2016" catalogue which was released @ Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival 2016 and had its german premiere @ Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival.


If you're not able to catch a printed version you can have a look at it online:


You can watch „LUCKY“ here:




Sticky Frames @ Trickreich 2016

Sticky Frames goes to Animateka 2015

As part of the Animationclass at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, Sticky Frames presentet their Films at the Gloria Kino Kassel.


The film "Frankfurter Str.99 a" from Evgenia Gostrer where shown for the first time.


Sticky Frames Members kiin. and Florian Maubach are joining the Animateka Festival 2015 in Ljubliana, Slovenia, with their Films "LUCKY" and "Groeten uit Hindeloopen" in the EU Student Competition.

The Screening is on Thursday, 10th December at 6 pm.